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Inpatient Care

Greyfriars offers inpatient, day and respite care. Our care is 24 hours per day, 7 days a week – dogs are never left alone at night.

We utilise a multi-disciplinary team approach to rehabilitation.

Our senior care team consists of:

Veterinary Surgeon and Veterinary Acupuncturist – Susanna Alwen MA Cantab, VetMB, MRCVS GP Cert Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management, CCRT, Dip HSA, RCH
ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapists – David Pardey BSc (Hons), PG Diploma Veterinary Physiotherapy, MCSP, Category A ACPAT
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners – Angela Griffiths CCRP, Dip HSA, RCH, IAVRPT and Kirsty Arthur CCRP, Dip HSA, RCH

Patient stays may vary from a few days necessary to bridge the gap between surgery and being strong enough to cope well at home, to longer stays to recover from spinal injuries and begin walking again. Your vet may refer you to Greyfriars because our specialist care is required to help your dog make a good recovery or to prevent harm being caused by the inability to confine or control a patient at home in the crucial few days after discharge from veterinary hospital.

It may be impossible to care for a patient well enough at home – especially if you work full time. In a home environment the physical challenge of managing a dog that either cannot walk or can only walk with difficulty should not be underestimated. Some clients simply prefer professionals to continue looking after their dog or cat, so that they are receiving the best possible care. Outpatient appointments may not allow enough time to achieve the hours of care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation required for recovery. Occasionally our clients live too far away to make daily travel to Greyfriars practical.

Because patients may stay for a few weeks we encourage owners and family members to visit. We spend time showing owners how to care for their dog or cat, perhaps by teaching handling skills and the use of harnesses so they are confident in their ability to provide good care when their pet returns home. We can sell or loan the necessary equipment to make coping at home easier and provide telephone support and advice to ease the transition after discharge from Greyfriars. Some dogs initially go home at weekends and then return to us during the week for intensive rehabilitation and to help owners’ transition into a new routine for their pet.

Greyfriars can also offer respite care for families or individuals with disabled or geriatric pets. Some of our inpatients/boarders are simply too vulnerable to be cared for in kennels.

The inpatient and rehabilitation unit is designed to high veterinary standards but decorated and furnished to give a more homely feel than is normally found at a veterinary practice or hospital.

Our walk-in kennels are extra-large to accommodate even the biggest giant breed dog and are made of white fibreglass – chosen for warmth, quiet and comfort. The kennels and treatment rooms are equipped with DAP diffusers which can aid in reducing stress in companion animals. TV and radio are also available when needed to create a calm atmosphere and help patients to feel at home.

We have a private garden area just for inpatients and when possible we like to get our patients outside in the fresh air for treatment and exercise, or just to sit in the sun, as this helps to cheer them up and promote a feeling of wellbeing.  Lowering stress levels has been proven to decrease recovery times.

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated."

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