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Dr Sally-Ann Pimlott


Veterinary Surgeon | Lecturer | Hydrotherapist

Sally-Ann graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1997. She went into mixed practice for two years then became a partner in Ashfield Veterinary Group and continued to build and grow the company for fifteen years. By April 2014, when Sally-Ann sold her business, Ashfield Veterinary Ltd consisted of a main hospital standard Tier 2 practice, and two further core standard branches employing five vets and thirty staff members.

Sally-Ann loves surgery and especially non routine orthopaedics including fracture repairs. Routine work includes stifle surgery – patella wedge, lateral suture and TTA rapid cruciate repairs.

She has always had an insider’s interest in analgesia and completed the ABVA Foundation Course in 2009 and has been using acupuncture as part of pain relief strategy ever since. This interest progressed to rehabilitation and hydrotherapy when she went to Greyfriars in 2012 to complete her Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals.

Sally-Ann is very down to earth person who can talk to people in a language they understand, this certainly helps when lecturing students as Sally-Ann is able to translate complicated information into concepts that students can understand. Her lecture skills ensure she is part of the team that presents Greyfriars’ courses overseas.

When not working as a vet Sally-Ann will be found on the family farm or in a restaurant with a good bottle of red wine!

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated."

- Mahatma Ghandi
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